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This is true; we don’t, however we do supply a range of cost effective scales that fit even the tightest budget. Our ethos has always been to sell weighing scales that we would be happy using our selves.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tanita BC542 Full-Composition Body Scanner

Tanita is the World Leader with over 65 Years experience manufacturing Scales and Body Composition products for Fitness and Medical use.

“Basic” TANITA Monitor features:
# Bodyfat %
# body water %
# Healthy Range Indicator (are you at high or low risk of serious disease?)
# Weight Only Mode (quick weigh, without BIA scan)
# Guest Mode (measure your friends!)
# 4 personal user files; Set along bottom side as convenient toe-tap buttons.
# Recall (immediate previous measure)
# Athlete mode

Advanced InnerScan full Body Composition Analysis features:
# Exclusive InnerScan Dual Frequency Technology (enables advanced body composition analysis)
# Muscle Mass
# Metabolic Rate (BMR)
# Metabolic Age (How old are you physically?)
# Bone Mass / weight (calculated estimate only)
# Children's Healthy Ranges (patented world exclusive TANITA feature, are your kids healthy?)# Physique Rating - 1 to 9 descriptive scale. (refer to manual for ‘body-types’).
# Visceral Fat Rating (the dangerous fat around your belly - below 12 you are at less risk, 13 and above you are at increased health risk).

Technical Specifications:
# Body Fat Percentage Increments: 0.1 %
# Color: Glass platform; Silver / Grey trim,
# Electrodes: 4; *New* Transparent electrode technology, world-wide patent, exclusively found in TANITA.
# Memories: 4
# Power Supply: 2 x lithium CR-2032
# Size of Display: 58 mm. Very Large, single line, easy read.
# Total Body Water Percentage Increments: 0.1%
# Weight Capacity: 150 kg
# Weight Increments: 100 g (0.1kg)
# Measuring current: Dual: 50kHz; 6.25kHz; 500uA

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